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A bride in Chicago is wearing a flower crown during her wedding livestream video.

What We Do

We offer top-notch personalized wedding livestreaming services.

Most engaged couples have found that they have to trim down their wedding guest list due to current limitations. Now you can share your wedding day with all of your loved ones, near and far. Dove's Eye View is a husband and wife team that was married during the pandemic, just like you.

We'll stream your wedding in 720p HD video resolution in real-time using a 3-camera setup. Our clients have their own custom Dove's Eye View webpage, complete with embedded livestream, wedding program, and other options.

Who We Are

We are a newly married Chicago couple who want to help you bridge the connection between your loved ones and your wedding day. Having planned our own wedding through a pandemic, we know how important a support system can be, even from a distance. Our friends and family were able to watch our Chicagoland wedding ceremony from as far away as Denver, Texas, and London, England.

Carla Chaplinski

Librarian by day and creator by night, you can usually find Carla cuddled up on the couch with a cat and a book, moving on her yoga mat, or cross stitching something fun. At Dove’s Eye View she manages our social media, client services, and her biggest role is making sure that we have up to date details of your wedding party, venue, and ceremony in advance.

Scott Chaplinski

Musician and full-time software engineer, Scott likes playing euchre, doing puzzles, and going for an afternoon run. Prior to starting Dove’s Eye View he owned a live trivia company, was a camera operator at WEIU-TV, and won several awards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for mobile app development. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology.

The owners of Dove's Eye View on their wedding day, smiling and reacting to what is around them in Kankakee, Illinois.