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7 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Wedding Livestreaming Service Is So Worth It

You’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding that you can share with those closest to you, and hiring a professional wedding livestream service will bring your big day directly to everyone you love. We've compiled a list of what we have found to be the most important reasons why having a marriage livestream is something that both you and your remote guests will treasure.

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1) A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and it can be bittersweet for those who can not spend it with you.

Because of this, it is nice to provide the best quality and most realistic wedding livestream you can for your guests. Hiring a professional wedding livestreaming service that will work with you ahead of time and provide ideas and input will set your wedding livestream apart from the pack.

You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t have friends and family scattered about who want to share in the beauty of your wedding, even from a distance. Imagine how touched your remote guests will feel that they can watch a broadcast of your wedding livestream in real time and share your special day, just like they had always planned.

2) Your go-to tech person gets to enjoy the family wedding instead of doing this for you.

Every family has their go-to tech person. You know, the person they call when their internet goes out or when their printer stops working. It is great having a person like this as a close friend or family member. Most of the time they are happy to help with all of your tech needs, but you need to know what it means when you are asking them to be in charge of your wedding livestream.

Most people think that when livestreaming a wedding online you just push record and go, and that’s true to an extent. If you just want to livestream to all of your friends on Facebook through your phone, then all you really need in a wedding livestream videographer is someone to hold your phone during the ceremony.

If you want a more private option then a YouTube wedding livestream can be set up so that only people with the link can view your livestream. This requires some finagling, though, and an experienced techie who hasn’t done any livestreaming before will still need to devote a few hours to calculating the ins and outs of how they can set up and share your wedding livestream with your remote guestlist (and only your remote guestlist). Your quality could depend on whether your tech person already knows how to livestream a wedding on youtube, and preparation could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 10+ hours.

3) Professionals are well-prepared.

If an amateur is a person who has found a solution to a need, then a professional is a person who has found many solutions to that same need. If one thing goes wrong for an amateur it’s game over, but a professional is prepared with answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet.

What happens if the audio board has a different type of output jack than they are used to? Do they have RCA, ¼ inch, and XLR adapters? What if the streaming service is experiencing problems? Can they quickly change services and alert guests without interrupting the ceremony?

These are all questions that a professional can act on and answer confidently.

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Our camera stands range in height from 16 inches tall to 7 feet tall.

4) Because professionals are well-prepared, they perform well under pressure.

It is easy to remain calm during stressful situations when you have performed the task plenty of times before. Someone who has never been in the hot seat might think it looks easy, and depending on the quality of wedding livestream you want, it might be. There’s also plenty of people who, if asked to run a simple Facebook wedding livestream, would feel too much pressure to perform. You would hate to find out too late that the person you put in charge of your wedding livestream does not perform well under pressure.

5) A professional has a proven track record.

Don't risk it by using your neighbor's nephew who kinda wants to go into the tech field someday. Becoming a technology professional doesn’t happen overnight, and besides, why would you put your wedding at risk using anyone unprofessional? The lingering thought that someone unprofessional is in your line-up could weigh heavily on your mind at a time when you should be prioritizing other things.

There’s a lot of skills, knowledge, and confidence that only come from experience. Let’s say you want to have a YouTube wedding livestream and you have the perfect person to do it for you. Do they know that if they make a new account on YouTube for your wedding livestream that they can’t livestream for 24 hours on the new account? Did you know that if they just use their own account then after your wedding livestream ends your guests could be forwarded to the account owner’s other YouTube videos? These videos might automatically play to your guests after your wedding livestream ends, and Aunt Edna might not be too keen on the raunchy freestyle raps, political rants, or other content that could autoplay based on their YouTube channel.

6) Everything is different during a pandemic.

Professionals are well versed in what does and does not work, which could change from week to week, or even day to day. I can only speak to our personal experience here, but my wife and I got married on October 3, 2020. We had to change our plans so many times that, like most couples, we ended up being very fluid in what our actual plans were. We grew through this experience, and want to share the strengths we built with others on a similar path.

Covid wedding planning tips in Chicago, Illinois from a professional wedding livestreaming company.

7) You are saving a lot of money elsewhere in your wedding budget.

You’ve cut down your guestlist significantly, which means your venue, food, and liquor costs have dropped too. The budget for your photo booth, wedding favors, and other fun add-ons is officially zero dollars. That’s okay though, we are all moving with the punches these days. You’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding that you can share with those closest to you; and hiring a professional to livestream your wedding brings the experience directly to everyone you love in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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